Contact Scizo if you are interested in purchasing art.

Hello Scizo Art Friends! Here are my latest canvases. If you are interested in a print or the original get in touch. Many of the canvases are found treasures that I recycle. Same goes for most pieces on the website and for all the recycled Willamette River metal and all the skateboard art. Cal Skate in Portland Oregon also carries several of the prints and a few originals.

Bside canvas webBurnside canvas webDogsk8 canvas webMagz canvas webscizo art canvas webWizard canvas web

Pirate TownPortland Party CityPortlandWaterfront 6X13.5 300 dpi33rdClown Balloons


Skateboards skated by the Scizo. Each one is original. Custom orders gladly.



They’re here!

Here’s 10 of 280 Checkout Line Louie characters created from the twisted mind of Scizo Scott. Wouldn’t they make great stickers and cards! Don’t look too close or you might see yourself.

One Page Louie's

!! Click for Check-Out Line Looky Louies – the whole book of characters


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