Keeping The Dream Alive

ScizoArt is the brain and heart trust of Scott Majors. Once a street kid himself, Scott’s art reaches those less enfranchised, especially skateboarders and others who walk an unconventional path. Through recycled metal, unique hand-drawn pieces, jammin’ skate videos, and sweet children’s books, ScizoArt sparks a message of possibility. Everything and everyone has value – from scraps of metal taken off the banks of the Willamette River to the homeless boy with a skateboard under his arm leafing through the stickerz. Scott’s time on the streets taught him to see himself in everyone and that basic belief shines through his work. ScizoArt is all about color, pushing the limits of creativity, and having fun. Scott believes that art, like skateboarding is about freedom, flow and remaining present in the here and now. Sitting at the kitchen table with pencils and colored pens teaches everything he needs to know.

Scizo’s given name is Scott Raymond Majors. The name ‘Scizo’ is actually his old Burnside Bridge nickname. If asked he says he is everyone and no one. Scizo has always been on his own path and followed his heart, regardless of what trials came his way, and there have been many. At an early age Scizo felt compelled to follow his freedom path doing what he wanted to do. What he wanted to do was skateboard, hang out with friends, and have fun. He wanted to live passionately, to be alive in ways that most people couldn’t conceive.

As a teen on the nights he didn’t make it home, he found his home anywhere: couch surfing, a park bench, on the local church grounds, in the grass of a nearby field or park. If all failed, he grabbed some cover at the nearby skatepark. Wherever he laid his head was home, even in the back of the semi-trailer next to the Burnside Bridge.

Scizo didn’t find school inspiring. It didn’t speak his language or tap into his creativity so he left school early in his senior year to live the life of a skateboarder. When he dropped out he also dropped off of mainstream society’s radar, not talking with family for months at a time, a move that motivated his mother to buy him his first cellphone. Between that and the adoption of his sweet little pit-mix Maggie May, Scizo began to move back from the extremes to the closer-in fringes of society.

Scizo’s chosen lifestyle gave him many raw outlooks on life but at the same time it helped him grow into a better person someone who tries to keep his head straight on his shoulders, way he calls a more solid human. His experiences have allowed him to see himself in the other guy.