Keeping The Dream Alive

ScizoArt comes from the imagination of Scott Majors. Once a street kid himself, Scott’s art reaches those less mainstream, especially skateboarders and others who walk an unconventional path. Through unique, hand-drawn pieces, ScizoArt sparks a message of possibility and inclusion. Everything and everyone has value – from scraps of metal taken off the banks of the Willamette River to be used as canvases, to the homeless boy with a skateboard under his arm, leafing through Scizo’s Rad Stickers.

Scott’s time on the streets taught him to see himself in everyone and that basic belief shines through his work. ScizoArt is all about color, pushing the limits of creativity, defying the push to conform, and of course, having fun. Scott believes that art, like skateboarding, is about freedom, flow, and remaining present in the here and now. Sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by pencils and colored pens, Scott’s passion flows into each new design.

The name Scizo is Scott’s Burnside Bridge nickname, given to him by a true skateboarding and Bridge legend, the one and only Q-Man (Pat Quirk, RIP). If asked, he says he is everyone and no one. Scizo has always been on his own path and followed his heart, regardless of what trials came his way, and there have been many. At an early age Scizo felt compelled to follow his own path. What he chose to do was skateboard, hang out with good friends, and have fun. He wanted to live passionately, to be alive in ways that most people couldn’t conceive.