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Sk8 Stickers

Creative designs on skateboards — people, animals, aliens, and more…

Burnside Skate Park Stickers

Everything Burnside — unique designs, graffiti art, and more.

River Frenz Sk8

20 River animals that Scizo encountered on his walks along the Willamette River. Lots of fun with creative designs.

Portland / Oregon Stickers

Portland and Oregon designs. Fun for locals, or for visitors to remember their trip. Dreaming of Portland? Post up one or two to help manifest your vacation dreams.

Portland Icon1+web

Just 4 Fun Stickers

Who doesn’t wan to have fun! Some of these are 420 friendly. Most are simply a ball of fun!

Totemz Stickers

21 designs . All unique. Look closely. There’s more than meets the eye.

Always new Scizo Art Stickerz and skate art designs in creation. Check back to see what’s new.