Sk8 Fotoz

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lipstick_logoLipstick Skateboards Riprezentative (click Logo to go to site) Some classic Scizo fotoz at the Burnside Bridge & other random street spots – fotoz by POD, Tucker Glasow, Mike G, Tristan Brillanceau-Lewis.


Lipstick Skateboards photo ads for Thrasher Mag and Lipstick Lookbook! Photos by Tucker Glasow.

Burnside Pole Jam Fakie Crow’s Nest


Frontside flip the gap from the Dinotail  to the Crow’s Nest pillar


Frontside air pillar wallie into marshmallow


Frontside 180 kickflip up the euro gap

OG Burnside Pillar Killer/Wallie Warrior.

Bean Plant Pole Jam in front of the Death Star, Burnside Skatepark’s new neighbor.

Noseslide Flat Bar on the side railing top deck cat walk … living on the edge.


Popping a fat frontside shove it over the twinkie bump.

Discontinued Freeway Off ramp VT Sesh with Tucker Glasow, Brent Atchley, Scizo, and Karl Hubble.

Full pipe fever, getting tail on the Northside and under the Morrison Bridge.

top left to right — Crow’s Nest pop shove it over bump, VT barrier front side rock, NoPo bike missions to Burnside and Thrasher WH Assholes Garage Rep.


Flat ground front side flip in the street in front of the park

In his natural elements of streets and parking garages, also Brizzy!

Best of nature skating near St. Johns and SE Portland with Tucker Glasow, Caveman and Kenny Ufford.

 Fakie Ollies before the finish. SJ Bridge VT.


Hard flip the hip in the empty pond


5.0 grind to fakie over the death box on the guardrail at the DIY Hood River


Tre Flip over the marshmallow hummin’ comin’ atcha

Square Bowl Indy Air BlasterBS Feeble HangoverOllie Marshmallow360 Flip Marshmallow2_Web360 Flip Tailgrab Marshmallow_webPillar Wallride FakieHardflip Boardsmack Spine2_WebCross Beam Nose Bash Fakie

Tre Flip_webSwitch Ollie Cunt Gap_webHardflip Fakie_webFS Pillar Ollie_webFS Boneless Tweak_web

St. John’s Bridge SK8 Fotoz by POD and Scizo

SJ Bridge Razor Wire_webBridge Ride2_webSJ Bridge Push_webSJ Stage Ollie_webFat Snap to Slant Ride_web

Pirate Town Sk8 Fotoz – fotoz by POD and Dave Hupp

Wall Fakie Mag Dog_webWallie Air_webFrontside Doorway Gap at Pirate Town_webFS Wall Pirate Town_wedPirate Town Wenches_webBig BS Wall Ride Over Magz_web

Burnside Bridge Sk8 Fotoz, fotoz by Tucker Glasow

FS Air Burny_webTre Flip Pyr Hip Burnie_webBurny P-lot FS Ollie_webFS 180 Flip to Nose Pick Bash_webWallie Nollie Burny_web

Scizo’s Sidewalk Treflip Sequence, fotoz by Tucker Glasow










Scizo’s Sequence at Washington Street (San Diego) fotoz by Brenden Klein

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I-5 Bridge banks, backyard bowl, streetz dog sk8 and Burnside

Hippy Hopper_webPivot_webSciz and Magz_webFSG Glenhaven_webSwitch5-0-PODOllie Booster Glenhaven_webNose Manny River_webOllie Pillar_webScottF_SAir_webScottNoseBonk1_webpillar-wallie-nollie1_webScott fs Air1_webPillar Slide_webPillar Wallie FS_wedScottWallJam_webSciz Magz2_webOllie Fakie Pillar_web

Washington Street Dogz – Gatekeeper Scizo, Magz, Coco and Millie (livin’ large at the Bridge during construction) Long live WSVT.


Washington Street Scizo Sk8 Fotoz

dirtypivot01_webrocknrollwsvt_webFrontside Corner Air_webWS Sequence6

Burnside, Funeral Home, Smith and Bybee, Streetztime

ScottGrand Ave_webFS Rock_webI5 Banks2_webMagz Burnside_webFuneral Home 1_webFS Pillar Burnside_webFS Ollie Burnside P-lot_webfuneral Home3_webAnkeny Bank_webFuneral Home2_web

Old Burnside Scizo Fotoz – Timeless


17 year old Scizo kickflipping over a bench at Grant High School tennis courts on a board with a broke off nose


1995 Burnside Young Scizo Fotoz


Young Scizo Street Fotoz 1990+


Young Scizo at Lincoln City -Backsmith Tombstone


Ol’ Scizo Shoeline of Dead Vans


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