Metal Art

Willamette River Recycled Metal Art

Recovered pieces of metal found on hikes along the Willamette River. Cleaned up the river and cleaned the metal. Each piece tells me what it wants to be. I didn’t alter the shapes. All pieces were found and used as is. These are for sale so let me know which piece to put your name on.

Contact Scizo if you are interested in purchasing art.

Log dogs are tie off spikes used by tug boats and other river-going vessels and if you’re persistent can be found along the river. I always leave them if it appears they are currently being used. I usually find them on washed up pieces of old pilings so I know they are safe to recycle. It takes a bit of work to free them from the pilings. These are rare and very old and hard to find anymore. When I do find them they make great characters. The rings could have come from anywhere. They were found buried in the sand or in the cracks of river rocks.  They make great canvases too and are super rare finds in this shape and size!


I found these thin metal plates attached to a washed up river dock beam. I unscrewed them from the wood. It wasn’t easy. Some had flat head tops that were rusted closed and I pried them out with a variety of tools. Once they were flattened and cleaned they made great canvases and inspired me to use the Willamette River in my own backyard as my theme for this set of paintings.

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Totems bolts_web

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